Who we are

VDT is a modern corporation that uses year old business experience of their founders. It follows up on more than 10 years of activity in international trade.

We provide our customers an above-standard individual approach and our customer and his interests are always on the first place for us.

For closer contact with our customer, we decided to establish an office in Prague, so in a city which is thanks to its strategic location a suitable point for meetings with our business partners, not only from the Europe.

The long-term goal of our company is to be a global leader in the world of strategy and development of distribution channels for small and medium-sized companies.

After a thorough analysis of the customer's situation we always offer tailor-made solutions that are highly efficient and flexible so as to be sustainable in the long term. We have no pattern, no form in which to make quick solutions without any significant results.
In VDT trust is not just a word, but a principle we honour every moment. In today's world, leakage is a common phenomenon; you can be sure that all shared information is completely safe thanks to cryptography that we use it for enhanced data protection.
We are always looking for new solutions and approaches to maximize the business effect and that’s why we are your right business partners, who will help you further develop your business everywhere in the world.
Partnership is on the first place for us. We are always open and we expect the same from our partners. Only then we can set up a successful cooperation. To succeed is not enough to order a service or a help of good manager, we need mainly you and your cooperation.
If we would find that we can not help you, then we will not promise you blue from the sky. We may also have no advice for your situation, everything is possible. Then let's break ourselves up as friends, and maybe in the future we will be successful in the next cooperation.



Our services

  • Have you exhausted the market on which you are operating and are looking for new opportunities for your expansion? Then contact us and we will advise you where you can expand further. Whether it's e-commerce, retail or wholesale, we are able to open new opportunities you might not even want. With global overlap, we are also able to develop your business and distribution not only in the markets where you operate, but also in brand new markets and new distribution channels.

  • Has your business environment changed so much, that your strategies are no longer exist? Corporate, retail or e-commerce strategy is our passion. Searching for new strategies or simply paths to success is the most important part of business. Often, the view from outside is more than needed and therefore we are here. Analyse, understand, design and implement, so simple it can be.

  • Are you at the crossroads where you are considering about doing of your business or have your company got into problems and now you do not know the advice? Crisis management is nothing to be ashamed of. During business, there is a situation where it is better to use crisis management / crisis management services and we believe that we will help you in the form of crisis management to consolidate your position in the market to survive and become even stronger.

  • Maybe you have underestimated the investment in your warehouse and transport in the development of the company? We are not professionals in everything, but also with logistics, we are able to help you via our external consultants.

  • Do you have the product you want to produce, but are you already lacking in production capacity or are you looking to optimize production costs? VEDAS TRADE will provide you with new production capacities to solve your problem. Manufacturing companies are mostly located outside the European Union, but with good logistics access to all major markets. We arrange production in the Balkan countries, Turkey, Asia or the Middle East. Just specify the field of production.

Why choose us?

We are a modern company with a flat structure where everyone knows what to do. We will not burden you with communication with many people but always according to your needs, we will determine exactly the right person for you who will be your main and the only contact.

We always act openly and for the benefit of the customer, we realize that we grow together, so we always do the best for you.

The amount of our reward is not determined based on a fixed price, but on the basis of our achievements, that is, for our services, you only pay for what we deserve, what we have earned.

Thanks to our long-term contacts, we are able to convey a new opportunity to develop your company, we do not know miracles, but the possibilities are unlimited, so why not try them.

Discover a new world, the size of which we determine together.